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Skilled Guidance In High Asset Divorces

Divorce has the potential to be a lengthy and complicated process. But a high asset divorce can be much more so. When dealing with higher value assets, the urgency to get the outcome you are looking for is stronger than ever. Thankfully, you can get the help you deserve in your high asset divorce.

Attorney Jacob Pyetranker offers clients the guidance they need through any of the challenges that come with divorce. From his Stamford office of Pyetranker, P.C., he gives his clients the respect, compassion and commitment they deserve from their divorce attorney, and he strives to create a custom-tailored strategy based on their unique needs.

Representation Through Unique Challenges

Your divorce attorney must understand how to navigate the differences between a standard divorce and a high asset divorce. Attorney Jacob Pyetranker knows the challenges that come with high asset divorces and can help you through difficulties like:

  • Finding hidden assets, including those overseas
  • Obtaining a proper valuation of assets
  • Valuing complex retirement accounts
  • Dividing complex assets, like businesses
  • Managing tax obligations
  • Forensic accounting

Mr. Pyetranker understands the needs of both high earners and their spouses and can help either spouse in a high asset divorce protect their best interests. His experience with complex divorces quickly becomes one of the greatest advantages for his clients. He knows what it takes to go through every facet of a divorce to ensure he is pursuing the best possible outcome.

Settle Your Divorce In Confidence

If you make the wrong choice in a divorce, the consequences can affect you for years. Instead of worrying if what you are doing is right for you, let Connecticut attorney Jacob Pyetranker help you build a strategy you can trust to protect you.

If you are ready to schedule your initial consultation, call 203-989-0031 or email him here. No matter what stage of divorce you are currently in, now is the best time to reach out to a lawyer you can trust, so call today.