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Getting Accurate Business Valuations For Divorcing Spouses

When your high asset divorce reaches the property division portion, you may be surprised at the complex challenges that come with the territory. One of the biggest challenges is determining value, but there is help available to get you through it.

At Pyetranker, P.C., you can meet with Connecticut divorce attorney Jacob Pyetranker. Mr. Pyetranker knows the difficulties of dividing assets, and he knows how to help his clients pursue the best possible outcome in their divorce. The first step in dividing a business is gaining an accurate business valuation of it.

Why You Need A Valuation

When negotiating over anything, numbers are everything. The same is true for dividing ownership of a business, which is why you need to be sure you have the most accurate information whether you are looking to part with your share of the business, maintain co-ownership or sell the business entirely.

There are several different approaches of valuing a closely held business but the general categories are the income approach, asset approach and market approach. Some are hybrid variations of these methodologies.

You will need to consider hiring an expert if business value is in dispute, who will work in conjunction with Mr. Pyetranker to present a credible valuation. Every case is different, which is why Mr. Pyetranker takes the time to understand the unique factors of his client’s cases and develops a custom-tailored strategy to guide them through their divorce and asset division.

Let Experience And Knowledge Be Your Advantage

If you are a business owner or their spouse facing divorce, make sure you have an exceptionally skilled attorney at your side. The stakes of a high asset divorce are much steeper than a typical divorce, and you deserve to have an attorney who can stand up to its challenges of it.

You can schedule your initial consultation with attorney Jacob Pyetranker by calling 203-989-0031 or emailing him here. The sooner you reach out to him, the sooner he can begin fighting for you.