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As an experienced and accomplished trial and appellate lawyer, attorney Pyetranker is well equipped to represent his clients in any court. However, some parties are not inclined to litigate in the traditional way, in which case negotiations can settle their property division, alimony and custody issues.

Attorney Pyetranker will bring his knowledge and skills to the table for all forms of private dispute resolution, including arbitration and mediation.

Some cases are so complex, or disagreements so deeply rooted, that litigation seems inevitable. However, even in difficult cases such as these, mediation can offer the most reasonable, cost-effective and promising pathway to resolution. In mediation, you have significantly more control over the outcome and the process. Family law mediation includes the following:

  • A neutral mediator manages mediation sessions
  • Areas of discussion are identified
  • Evidence is presented and considered carefully
  • Couples can proceed on their own timetable, not the court’s calendar
  • Parties can retain their own attorneys to actively represent them or simply guide them before or during mediation sessions

Although sharing some of these features, arbitration is fundamentally different. The process and result ultimately is much like that experienced in court, except it is all done in a private setting.

Most couples incur lower expenses and less stress taking these alternatives than in traditional divorce litigation. There are pros and cons, however. Be sure to carefully consider your options and determine whether mediation is the better approach.

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