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A Strong Advocate In Family Law Disputes

Attorney Pyetranker practices family law out of a deep respect for the power of the law to resolve disputes equitably. He also cultivates strong advocacy skills and gains professional satisfaction by achieving favorable outcomes for clients. Many benefit from his representation when their fortunes, family ties and futures are on the line as they face divorce or child custody problems. As one of just a few family law attorneys in Fairfield County with an appellate practice, he often works on some of the most challenging family law cases, including high-asset divorces.

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What To Expect As A Client Of Pyetranker, P.C.

The Pyetranker, P.C. client list includes many highly educated, affluent professionals such as doctors, lawyers, executives and professional athletes who are rightly concerned about the financial implications of their divorces and child support cases. Attorney-client communications are always clear and respectful. Clients enjoy convenient access to attorney Pyetranker through their preferred communication channels.

The high-asset status of many of Pyetranker, P.C.‘s clients often results in complex aspects in property division and custody cases. Attorney Pyetranker is skilled at maneuvering through these types of legal challenges to resolve issues in his clients’ best advantage.

A Skilled Litigator With A Strong Track Record In All Types Of Dispute Resolution

Whether your family law case can be resolved through negotiations or you anticipate a courtroom battle, attorney Pyetranker offers valuable counsel and representation.

Many clients of the firm appreciate knowing that trial lawyer Pyetranker has prevailed in a case brought before the Connecticut Supreme Court. While alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods such as mediation and arbitration are often suitable pathways to resolve legal issues, attorney Pyetranker’s proficiency in litigation helps him position his clients’ cases for success.

Start The Essential Conversation

Engaging in meaningful dialogue with an experienced attorney is an important first step as you move forward with your family law case. Attorney Pyetranker is available to help you protect your assets, parent-child relationships and your peace of mind. 

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