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Why may successful people be more likely to get a divorce?

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2021 | Divorce

It is very common for highly successful individuals to experience divorce. When people cannot make their relationship with their spouse work, it is not necessarily because one or both spouses “failed” at the marriage.

Achieving success and the various responsibilities that come with it can put considerable strain on a marriage. Here are a few reasons why successful individuals may have to get a divorce.

Making work paramount

People who have a strong work ethic and are extremely driven in their profession may have to dedicate a lot of their waking hours to work. Putting a significant amount of time and focus on work is likely to involve taking time and focus away from one’s home life.


Success in one’s field is often hard-fought. While pursuing it may be stressful, preserving it may also carry a lot of stress. Being in a high-level position or owning a profitable company can cause people to feel immense pressure and even anxiety. The negative emotions associated with some forms of success can tend to alienate spouses from one another.


The fulfillment that people derive from achieving their goals may cause them to feel differently about themselves and also change how they conduct themselves. As people experience personal growth, the dynamics of a marriage may undergo changes.

Ultimately, reaching aspirations or attaining wealth can create circumstances in which people naturally drift apart from one another. Divorce among successful individuals may not be attributable to any specific type of wrongdoing or shortfall on anyone’s part.